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Interior Design and Selection of Paint Colour


Do you think that your home needs a change? How about changing the colour of your walls? A few new oak mirrors around the house? You would be surprised if you knew what a difference a simple thing as a paint job can do. It can help you make a small room look more spacious, make darker room appear brighter, give your home a whole new character, and in the end make you feel completely different in a particular room because colours have been proven to have a major psychological effect. A paint job is probably the the cheapest way to bring a change into your home. But be careful though because it is an art to find the right colour that will achieve the desired effect.

To create an effect of a dramatic makeover, you do not need a painter. You need to select the right colour which, however, is a little bit more tricky than it may seem at a first glance. The thing is that you will need to go beyond your favourite colour palette because many homeowners are shocked when they see the effect of their favourite colour on their walls. This is due to the fact that it is very difficult to foretell the effect a particular colour will have until already on the wall.


A number of factors play an important role in overall results including the size of the room, lightning, furniture, decor and even seemingly unimportant details. Sure, you can never go wrong with white but you will not achieve the effect of a dramatic makeover with white walls. It is an excellent choice for small rooms but it looks kind of boring, while some people even consider it sterile. White is, however, ideal for combinations with other colours especially the darker ones which can make the ambiance depressive if used alone. But the selection of the right paint colour does not end in selection of green, yellow, orange, etc. Selecting the right tone and undertone is even a tougher job because the wrong tone ruins everything.

By now, you probably feel like giving up the whole thing and to call a professional painter or an interior decorator to choose the right paint colour for you. However, you can do it by yourself. You should, of course, pay attention to all the factors that could influence the effect of the paint colour once on the wall such as the size of the room, the ambiance you want to create, lightning, furniture, etc. but the trick often lays in accessories. Surprised? Well, it is true. If you look some of the best interior designs you can easily see that the selection of the paint colour bases on details that would not be noticeable at all if the walls would be white such as a lamp or even a pillow on the sofa. The selected colour, of course, compliments the overall style of the room which is why the detail that will determine the tone must be selected very carefully. But before you actually start painting, get a few samples and paint a small area to see which tone creates the perfect match or contrast depending on which option you choose.